Poetry: We Rise

November 16, 2016

Women of light
Women of love
Women of sight
Women from above
Rise up and take your rightful place.

Women of truth
Women of grace
Women of worth
Women for change
Rise up and claim your rightful place.

Women of power
Women of class
Women of elegance
And women with sass
Rise up and see your rightful place.

Women of excellence
Women of standard
Women of significance
Women moving forward
Rise up and be the rightful place.

Do not back down
Do not relent
Do not give in
to the Devil’s idle threat.

Position yourself majestically
Poise yourself with magnificence
Wrap yourself with dignity
Guard your heart with radiance
Arm yourself with knowledge,
Remembering Whose you are and
from where you came.

Women of wisdom
Women of loyalty
Women of strength
Women of royalty
Rise up and speak your rightful place.

Women of hope
Women of joy
Women who cope
Women with coy
Rise up and own your rightful place.

Women of God
Women with glory
Women of virtue
Women with stories
Rise up into your rightful place.

This poem is dedicated to women who may be facing a struggle of some sort, dealing with insecurities, or thinking they are not enough. It is inspired by my mom, Mrs. Lawrence-Mitchell, Mrs. Tazewell, Ms. Gunthorpe, Ms. Gilbert, and all the other wonderful women who have spoken words of love, wisdom, and strength into my life. If I try to list them all, we’d all get tired of reading! xoxo!


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