Poetry: When it Rains It Pours


When I look up and the see the clouds coming in,
When I notice the air is getting windy & thick,
When I hear the sound of rain beating my shelter,
When I am startled by the loud thunder,
When I am jolted by the strike of lightning,
When I am soaked in the wetness of it all,
When I am cold, unkempt, & disoriented,
When I can only run for cover,
I run to You.
I am brought together by You.
I am soaked in Your love.
I am jolted by Your ways.
I am startled by Your awesomeness.
I hear Your voice underneath it all.
I notice how You move in my life.
I look to You.

When the storms of life scatter my sunny days,
I pour out my heart to You,
I pour out my mind to You,
I pour out my soul to You.
In these storms is when I see most
That You love me,
That You are all I need,
And that You’ll never leave me.
Although it’s hard to see then that my life is in Your hands,
It is at this very moment that I put my life into Your hands.
I pray for grace & faith to trust You always,
No matter what the weather may be.

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