Poetry: “Timeless Fun”

(October 2016)

Never let them know how you feel.
Never show how you’re disappointed.
Never show you’re upset.
Never show it matters.
Never show your care.
Stoic. Nonchalant. Lifeless ambivalence. 
Just reflect back what you see.
Skin deep emotions are for suckers.
Let it roll off your back; don’t wear it on your sleeve.
Never let them know how you feel.
But how long will this charade last?
And for how long will you wear the mask?
Until it finally seeps through?
And you truly start to doubt and truly care less and truly withdraw and truly turn away. 
Until you finally walk away, fed up, tired, and drained. 
Drained from trying, from wishing, from hoping, from wanting. 
Throw up your hands and realize that there was nothing.


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