Poetry: Anticipation

(April 2013)

Setting your hopes high
just to watch them get dashed across the midnight sky
like weakly shinning stars for all to see.
Such a waste of energy and time.
Such a waste of mental space.
I’m not ready to go through this again.
But maybe that’s just what I need.
To be taken unaware by something suprisingly suprising.
So vulnerable it leaves you cautiously in limbo,
yet so sweet it leaves you skeptically hopeful.
So please tell me this is not another way that will end up the same.
Tell me that it is under Your control.


2 thoughts on “Poetry: Anticipation

  1. A good Poem, but honestly, with less Metaphoric phrases and more Oxymoronic in Nature, well I consider it good nonetheless, it is a good poem. What good does our hope amounts to without a significant amount of Chaos or what accomplishment can our faith reach without some dashing at some point of hope that makes us hang on and build rather with faith in a plausible way in touching the untouchable significantly without us knowing but believing and hoping.


    1. The great thing about poetry is the free form it can take and the liberty the author has to convey on paper their emotions. So much structure in writing can be frustrating sometimes! You raise a good point that I am glad my poem helped to point out. I thank you for visiting and for reading and commenting!


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