What to do with Your Post-Holiday Blues

It’s 2019! The holidays are behind us and yet somewhat ahead of us. If you are like me and have been on vacation for the past week from work or from school, you’re slightly, or greatly, dreading going back to work. During my morning devotions over this past holiday, I was reminded of two things.

  1. Seasons don’t last forever, but they do come back around.
  2. It is how we respond to what comes next that determines how well we’ve grown and prepared in the previous season.

I was reminded that holidays are meant for rest and recovery. It will end and after that it is time to go back to work and back to the everyday grind of January 2nd to November 19th (or whatever Friday is before Thanksgiving for that specific year). How we live in that gap determines how beneficial or effective that holiday season was for us. Are we taking on the new year with vigor and optimism at the thought of new opportunities? Are we griping and complaining at the thought of having to work again?

Even the wise men in the Bible had to go back to their normal regular lives after coming face to face with baby Jesus (Matthew 2:11-12). The same was true for the shepherds (Luke 2:20). They went back to tending to their flocks. Even Joseph had to go back to his regularly scheduled programming (Luke 2:39-42). He continued as a carpenter. He continued raising a family with Mary and taking care of them. They didn’t all just stay in that one moment forever. What made the difference though, as we see with the shepherds, was the effect that experience had on them and what they did with it. They took the awe and wonder of that moment with them (in the case of Mary and Joseph, literally) as they faced their everyday life.

The same goes for us. Are we taking the joy of the holiday season with us after it is over or are we just waiting once again for another holiday season? I believe it is what makes the difference. Live from a posture of gratitude for the holiday season and with a desire to share that joy all throughout the year. I think we will see a difference in how we approach work and life at the beginning of January and the days to come. Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “What to do with Your Post-Holiday Blues

  1. Amen, to me truly there are no holiday seasons or special times of the year. I believe if you take it slow and take it one day at a time and try to be the best person you can in that day you can remain joyful yearround. Putting up a front for a specific time of year is not nearly as rewarding of treating the entire year as a gift from God and living righteous and full of joy in every moment and every day. I agree gratitude is the key, when you can be optimistic and realize what almight God has and is gifting you with……it truly is easier to stay joyful year round.

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    1. “Putting up a front…,” that’s a good perspective. I haven’t thought of it that way. It’s sad because the holidays are supposed to be a season of joy but so many people are stressed and carry that stress right into the new year. It’s also a good point you made about it being easier to stay joyful all year long. I think most people would disagree but I personally will make that my goal for 2019. Thanks for visiting and commenting. And nice name you got there. lol.


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