A Review on Captain Marvel

SPOILER ALERT: This is a mini review of Captain Marvel, the movie.

This March, the latest and greatest craze, I think, was Marvel’s newest addition to its addictive franchise, none other than Captain Marvel herself. I’m not sure if they purposely released this movie in March to coincide with Women’s History Month or if it’s just because they like releasing movies with Thanos in April. 😊  Either way, it came, it was seen, and it conquered the big screen for its opening weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was not as thrilled about it as I was about Black Panther. I wasn’t fired up about its significance as everyone else. I tend to avoid getting bit by whatever social trendy bug is flying around.

But a conversation about an article that bemoaned Captain Marvel and its significance really got the wheels in my head spinning. I was disappointed in the author and disagreed with the author’s position. It seemed the author’s major gripe with the movie was that Disney put out a movie about a queen who did not have nor need a prince. Interestingly enough, Captain Marvel’s BFF was a single mother and seemed quite content with that. It also seemed at the heart of the author’s annoyance with Captain Marvel was the question of whether a woman is stronger than a man.

Whether Captain Marvel is stronger than Captain America doesn’t matter to me. In fact, both were given their strength by some serum. What matters to me is whether they, individually or jointly, can bring back my T’Challa from Dustville. 😊 Back to the issue at hand. 😊

I was actually very happy that Disney put out a movie where the female lead did not have a love interest. I was happy the movie focused on the other parts of a woman’s life. I believe a woman is the sum of her life, not just the sum of her romantic relationships. I think Disney has done an awful job of messing with little girls’ minds and getting them to think there will always be a Prince Charming around to save the day, or to wait for, or to live for, or to come in and make their life right or complete. Quite honestly, it’s the same thing that most Africans do to their girls growing up. The purpose of a female’s life is to settle down and raise a little tribe of her own with her strong, rich, husband to lean on. A woman can get all the degrees in the world and be successful professionally but if she’s not some man’s wife and a soccer team’s mother, she might as well have failed in life. In fact, she hasn’t started living. Why must that be the case? Why shouldn’t a woman have other things going on in her life? Why shouldn’t a woman just be okay on her own?

What happens if he doesn’t show up? What happens if he does show up but he’s not a prince, nor charming, nor strong?! AAHH! 😱😨What happens if a guy isn’t able to fix something? Is the world just supposed to stop? Is a woman just supposed to do nothing? Is Captain Marvel just supposed to shrink back and ignore the strength and gifts inside of her? ‘Oh, that’s okay, Captain America. I have all this power within me to help you beat Thanos but I can’t help you because I’m a woman.’ I think everyone would agree that’s asinine. At the end of the day, it’s about getting the job done. Whether that takes a guy doing it, or a woman doing it, or both shouldn’t matter.

I’m not saying that a woman should be stronger than a man. I’m saying that a woman should be strong. Period. Women also need to be whole from themselves and then go get, find, be found by, or be with Prince Charming. Be a whole person before looking for him. It’s a lot easier with two wholes. Take math, for example. I’d rather work with two whole numbers than two decimals or two fractions. It’s a lot easier to add and to multiply! You take that how you want to! 😊

P.S. I do hope sparks fly between Captain Marvel and Captain America. Just saying. 😉

Photo credit: TheWrap.com


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