The Budget Traveler

By Guest Contributor: Max Amede

Yes, I know I travel a lot but at the same time I am a budget traveler. I am a big supporter of Airbnb lodging instead of resort and hotel lodging. When you stay at a resort during international travel you basically get treated like an American and you don’t get to experience the culture of the place you are visiting. Here are a few tips to being a budget traveler.

  1. For you to be a budget traveler you have to be flexible with your dates of travel.
  2. You can’t be boujee if you want to be a budget traveler. Keep the boujee mentality at home and get down with the local people. The point of traveling to these places is not to live lavishly but to experience the country or state. You can do that without having to break your pocket.
  3. You don’t need 5-star dining and 5-star hotel to have lasting memories of the places you visit. Eat the local cuisines, especially the foods from the street vendors, which are relatively cheap.
  4. One way to avoid over spending is to plan out and write down a budget and know what you want to spend money on before going to these places. Being a budget traveler doesn’t necessarily mean you are cheap. What matters most is not how much you spend but what you spend on. You don’t need a deep pocket to have a lot of fun when you travel. Budget traveling is about not wasting money on the things that don’t matter. I am not saying don’t spend money but there’s no need to ball out.
  5. When you travel don’t book your activities online because you will be paying tourist’s price. Wait until you get to your destination and book the activities you are interested in because the prices will be a lot cheaper than what is advertised online. Also, there’s always room for negotiation in person which you cannot do online.

Basically, the point of being a budget traveler is to learn the culture, eat the food, and mingle with the local people to make lasting memories without breaking the bank.


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