The Abroad Life, Part 2

Some of you asked for a follow up to the conversation I had and shared with my dear friend, Gbemisola. In Part 1, she shared some of her general impressions of being an international student in America. In this final part, she gets a little bit more specific and offers advice. In honor of her and the month of her birth, August, I am sharing this long overdue second part of our discussion.

Me: What are some best practice tips you have for international students?

Gbemi: Ask questions! Ask, ask, ask! Your professors are paid to teach you. Take advantage of their office hours; especially if you are struggling with the course. Disturb that professor’s life!

Talk to your classmates. This is something I particularly regret. I’m such a great person but I did not give people the chance to know me (laughs out loud).

Google is your friend! YouTube is your friend! Shout out to PatrickJMT for getting me through calculus.

If any volunteering opportunity comes your way, you can make time for it. Please volunteer.

Smile. Smile at everyone you possibly can.

Wave. You see someone you took a class with, even if you never spoke in class, just wave hello.

Hold on to God. He is a pretty cool friend to always have. He wants the best for you, knows the best for you. He is the best for you.

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