The Cloak, The Books, and the Parchment , Pt. 2

When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments. 2 Timothy 4:13 ESV 

Bring me the books. There are so many types of books with so much information. No doubt the books Paul requested were probably books he studied while under the tutelage of Gamaliel. Probably it was his Torah and other spiritual books? I’m not exactly sure that Bible study guides were as prevalent then as they are today. The point is the importance of books. Books cannot be replaced by memes and social media status posts. I can understand the allure to read the abridged version of everything, but books are irreplaceable. (I think Fahrenheit 451 does a great job in communicating this.) Books represent the knowledge and wisdom of teachers and mentors before us. They represent the past and retain lessons and morals preserved from the past to assist people in the present to make informed decisions for the future.  

The only reason why certain meals are popular today is because someone had the foresight to write down the recipe so that others can replicate them, enjoy them, and maybe even improve upon them. So it is with just about everything else. We benefit today from the writings of others in the past. Do not neglect the sage words of those who came before you. Do not discount them as meaningless or useless drivel. In them there is counsel that can assist, direct, support, and instruct you along your way. Look into them and see what they have to offer you. But also be wary. In some books are things that may throw you off and get you lost along your way. In times of uncertainty, bring me the books, especially, The Book of all books.  

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Photo credit: RZIM


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