A Greater Yes, Pt. 1

Several years ago I came across a movie titled, A Greater Yes. At first glance that title confused me. Slowly I understood what it meant and it is. It was only recently that I experienced what it meant. 

In November of 2018 I traveled to Boston on a semi-mini-vacation with a friend of mine. We decided that on Sunday morning we would go to Hillsong Church’s Boston location. I’d never been to a Hillsong Church before. I was quite excited. We woke up Sunday morning to get ready. As my custom is on Sunday mornings, I played music as we got ready. I decided to play Hillsong. Why not, right? YouTube decided it DID NOT want to play one of my favorite songs of theirs: Remembrance. It played Beautiful Name. It played Let There Be Light. It played Your Word. It played The Belonging Co. (another worships band) but it just refused to play my song, Remembrance! I’m sure my friend thought I had lost my mind. After several minutes of maneuvering and messing with YouTube, I distinctly heard A Voice say, ‘well maybe God wants you to experience this song for yourself,’ to which I replied, ‘Phbt! I doubt it. YouTube is just being a jerk!’. No response to that thought. And the song still would not play! 

We got to Hillsong Church Boston right in time for service to begin! We began to worship and sing. I truly enjoyed it and then three songs into the worship set it happened! The riffs and the chords of Remembrance resounded. Oh. My. Goodness! The band was playing Remembrance! At the sound of the worship leader singing the first verse of this song, I became mush! I leaned over to my friend and said, “This is the song I was trying to play this morning!” She probably didn’t understand but I was having my own private lesson and worship experience all at once! Why would this band choose this as a part of their worship set? It’s not like Remembrance was a Christian radio hit in America or at the top of the Christian charts. Actually, it was Who You Say I Am. I knew that song was for me. I was amazed that God cared enough about what song I liked! I was astounded that He said no to me with the YouTube just to give me a greater yes at Hillsong. Tears came to my eyes. I cried for joy. I cried because my stubborn heart didn’t believe it even when He said it. I cried because it was a reminder! Sometimes the things we want so much and struggle for are not actually what God wants for us but what we want for ourselves. What He really wants to do is to give us something better and a better experience, but we are so focused on what is right in front of us that we doubt that there could ever be anything better.  

This experience taught me that although there may be a disappointment right in front of me, there is something better coming my way! 


2 thoughts on “A Greater Yes, Pt. 1

  1. Excellent lesson. We get focused on these little tiny minut things in our world and sometimes we are not concerned about the greater blessing God has in store for us. Awesome illustration on how God, lovingly, taught you a lesson and showed you something great.

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