Here you will find a one-stop-shop for Web sites, blogs, and articles that I have found interesting and that have helped me.  I hope they are as informative, inspiring, and challenging to you as well! Enjoy!

Singleness, Relationships, & Family
Our Covenant is Friendship
What To Do When You Get Friendzoned
Brofriend: Moving From Brother In Christ To Boyfriend
Loving God in Marriage or Singleness
Parent With Perspective
The Family That Works Together
God Has A Plan For Your Life – And Your Child’s Life Too!
The Grateful Marriage: Living the Golden Rule
The Proverbs 31 Woman

Culture & Wellness
10 Things You Should Know about the Bible’s Teaching on Men and Women
Take Up Your Cross: Live a Balanced Life
Pray for Physical Healing
The Longing for God Alone
What Is God’s Favor? And How Can I Get It?
Quit Dying to the Wrong Things
Beating the If/Then Trap
Modesty: 10 Simple Starting Points
How Can I Overcome Loneliness?
How to be a Brave Girl
In the World, Not of the World

Church, State, and the Authority of Jesus
Corruption is Not Cultural: The Jeitinho Brasileiro in Decline
Matthew T. Page: Weak U.S. policies help Nigeria kleptocrats hide and spend their plunder
Paul T. Oki: Yes, sane people drive (and do business) in Nigeria
Paul T. Oki: Knowing who to run from is half the compliance battle

Faith & The Hard Stuff
When God’s Timing Is Not Our Own
Unanswered Prayers: What’s Going On God?
The Canaanite Woman: When Great Faith Meets Great Action
I Know His Name: Elohim – The One Who Created You
The Spiritual Benefits of Waiting
The Test of Forgiveness: Corrie ten Boom
What Was Meant for Evil, God Uses for Good
Pray Hard
Forgiving: Releasing the Grip of the Grudge
Embracing the Riches of Darkness
Loving God with or without Children


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