Poetry: Fairy Tails

(December 2012) I’ve built for myself a fairytale. One I had hoped would end well. But as the issues start to swell, I sit and watch as it all fails. Not sure what to think; I cannot tell. Should I sit and weep in front of a wishing well? Lessons learned within this hard shell….

Poetry: Anticipation

(April 2013) Setting your hopes high just to watch them get dashed across the midnight sky like weakly shinning stars for all to see. Such a waste of energy and time. Such a waste of mental space. I’m not ready to go through this again. But maybe that’s just what I need. To be taken unaware by…

An African’s Perspective on The Black Panther

This movie puts on full display the long-standing tension between Africans and African-Americans. This is the kind of black excellence that is birthed from black cultures coming together and erasing the divide.

Oh, No She Didn’t: Facing Injustice

Sweeping things under the carpet only makes a mountain of built up anger, tension, hatred, and rage . . the important thing is acknowledging the wrong, pointing out, and validating your humanity.

Do You Have a Heart Problem?

God has bigger plans for our loved ones than we could ever have for them. If we never let go, we may never know just what it is our loved one can accomplish in life.

Western Smarts: Why Asking “Why?” is Important

It dawned on me that this was the exact problem I was facing. I had grown up being inhibited from asking “why” and suddenly I was expected to excel in a professional program where asking questions is the hallmark of the learning process.

Poetry: War

On September 11, 2001, my second day of high school, I sat in my 2nd period Science class in Newark, NJ and saw the smoke from the Twin Towers make its way across the sky. That day is forever imprinted in my memory. Little did I know what that tragedy would bring about for the next years to come. I wrote this in high school.

Four Keys to Healthy Friendships

Proverbs says, ‘he that has friends must first show himself friendly and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother’ (18:24).

Cultivating an Authentic Generation

Essentially, it starts in the home, and not with the TV. Our daughters should be taught to believe that they are priceless and our sons should be taught that acknowledging, appreciating, and protecting a woman’s worth will make them men of standard and men of honor.

Poetry: “Timeless Fun”

(October 2016) Never let them know how you feel. Never show how you’re disappointed. Never show you’re upset. Never show it matters. Never show your care. Stoic. Nonchalant. Lifeless ambivalence.  Just reflect back what you see. Skin deep emotions are for suckers. Let it roll off your back; don’t wear it on your sleeve. Never…