Western Smarts: Why Asking “Why?” is Important

It dawned on me that this was the exact problem I was facing. I had grown up being inhibited from asking “why” and suddenly I was expected to excel in a professional program where asking questions is the hallmark of the learning process.

Here’s What to Do About Your Trump Blues

So! It’s been a couple of months and President Trump has done more with executive orders in three months than I have ever done with my studies in three months. I’ve never heard “executive order” so many times in a three-month span! Makes me wonder if he knows how to be president without an executive…

The African Christian Perspective on American Racial Tension

Beginning in April, images of police brutality towards African Americans have gone viral on social media and in the news; all of which I had been oblivious to….The unrest in Baltimore has been on my mind for some reason… I guess I really do live under a Little Rock; I’d like to call it law school. My present concern though is how do I respond to things like the riots in Baltimore and the events that sparked those riots?

What Does it Take to be President?

I’m not one to talk about politics but this year’s election has stirred something inside of me. I’m not even sure if I’m a Democrat or Republican. Seriously! Living in Arkansas has opened my eyes to realize why. It’s as if there is an expectation that I should be a Democrat because of the color…