Do You Have a Heart Problem?

God has bigger plans for our loved ones than we could ever have for them. If we never let go, we may never know just what it is our loved one can accomplish in life.

Cultivating an Authentic Generation

Essentially, it starts in the home, and not with the TV. Our daughters should be taught to believe that they are priceless and our sons should be taught that acknowledging, appreciating, and protecting a woman’s worth will make them men of standard and men of honor.

The Fault in Us

“The greatest sin of age is to forget the trials of youth.” – Smallville

Poetry: 2,016 Changes & Counting

What once was, will ever be, At least, that is all we wish to ever see. But we cannot only forever stay, And if we do, the price we pay On missing out on what could be And passing up on what we could see. For out there is a world that awaits us, And,…

Confessions of a Young Adult

We need to keep in mind that at this stage we are, in fact, adults, but we still need to honor our parents. We are to honor God by honoring our parents…

Graceless Love

Grace means a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment. Graceless is the antithesis of graceful. Where graceful means something that is characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech, graceless would mean lacking grace, lacking pleasing elegance, or lacking charm.