An African’s Perspective on The Black Panther

This movie puts on full display the long-standing tension between Africans and African-Americans. This is the kind of black excellence that is birthed from black cultures coming together and erasing the divide.

Do You Have a Heart Problem?

God has bigger plans for our loved ones than we could ever have for them. If we never let go, we may never know just what it is our loved one can accomplish in life.

Poetry: War

On September 11, 2001, my second day of high school, I sat in my 2nd period Science class in Newark, NJ and saw the smoke from the Twin Towers make its way across the sky. That day is forever imprinted in my memory. Little did I know what that tragedy would bring about for the next years to come. I wrote this in high school.

Four Keys to Healthy Friendships

Proverbs says, ‘he that has friends must first show himself friendly and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother’ (18:24).

Musings From Abroad: No Turning Back?

As mentioned in my first installment of Musings from Abroad: Africans and Faith, I recently visited Nigeria, my country of birth. I realized some things that may rock the average African parent’s mind. The chasm between the African parent that emigrates to America and their children they bring is far too great. When I returned…

The Fault in Us

“The greatest sin of age is to forget the trials of youth.” – Smallville

The African Christian Perspective on American Racial Tension

Beginning in April, images of police brutality towards African Americans have gone viral on social media and in the news; all of which I had been oblivious to….The unrest in Baltimore has been on my mind for some reason… I guess I really do live under a Little Rock; I’d like to call it law school. My present concern though is how do I respond to things like the riots in Baltimore and the events that sparked those riots?

Poetry: 2,016 Changes & Counting

What once was, will ever be, At least, that is all we wish to ever see. But we cannot only forever stay, And if we do, the price we pay On missing out on what could be And passing up on what we could see. For out there is a world that awaits us, And,…

Social Media and Covetousness

The outcome outweighs the intention at times. These stores are essentially telling us how to dress, what is in vogue, what we should desire, and what we should buy. We need to be cautious, guard our heart and eyes…

Poetry: That Place

I’d like to end the year on a good note and put some pep in your step for the year to come! (2008) I’m looking for a place Where my joy is full And my peace is steady My hope is strong And my faith is secure in your arms. Can you take me there? A place…

The Purpose of Silence

Silence. Most people don’t like it. We cringe at the sound of silence. We feel like it is awkward or we feel like something is wrong if it is silent. But silence truly can be a good thing.