The African Christian Perspective on American Racial Tension

Beginning in April, images of police brutality towards African Americans have gone viral on social media and in the news; all of which I had been oblivious to....The unrest in Baltimore has been on my mind for some reason... I guess I really do live under a Little Rock; I’d like to call it law school. My present concern though is how do I respond to things like the riots in Baltimore and the events that sparked those riots?

Getting Employed in the 21st Century

Whatever happened to the days when a person could be an apprentice and work their way up the chain of command to a higher position? What happened to the days when a person was employed not because of how much they know but simply for their willingness to do the job?...Getting a job in the 21st century is like rocket science.

Love Taps

A good leader knows the difference between their tools. A good leader is not one who always resorts to force. A good leader is one who only uses force when every other tool has been worn out. A good leader is one who knows the power of love taps and uses that wisely.