The Cloak, The Books, and the Parchment, Pt. 3

When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments. 2 Timothy 4:13 ESV

Bring me the parchments. Why? What for? So he could write! Or should I say, so he could keep writing? He even emphasizes the importance of those parchments by saying, “…and above all [especially] the parchments”. Obviously, the Apostle Paul loved to write. Just as important as the books which told of the past, so were the parchments on which Paul could write down his own messages, lessons, and revelations for the future Earthlings to come. Writing is important. Writing is a powerful tool for introspection. Writing is a powerful tool for reflecting and thinking and getting clarity of heart and mind. I am a living testament to this. In fact, as I write this, the week’s sadness and frustrations have lifted! It is important to write down your progress. It is important to record your thoughts, your ideas, your plans, and your vision. By doing this you can look back and see how far you have come.  

Writing is the polite way of saying, “Hey World, I got something to say!” 😆 Additionally, by writing something down, you bring it to life. There is power in the spoken word, but much more, there is power in the written word! That is why laws are written down! Who really has time or energy to remember and recite verbally the United States Constitution, talk less of all these statutory laws?! Not even the founding fathers did! And that is why it was written down. This is also why God allied with humans to have His word written down, so that we may read it, comprehend it, and have it impact our hearts and minds (Habakkuk 2:2Psalm 119:89). Bring me the parchments, that I may write the vision down and make it plain!  

Part two of this series can be found here.

Photo credit: RZIM


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